Aimicat - the Automatic Cat Litter Box

by Aimicat


You don't need to connect APP, just click the button(turn on) to start self-cleaning in convenient and efficient way. Never worry about the app can not working on the global network or other APP issues. Never scoop again with our automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats!


Our automatic cat litter box has custom infra-red sensor system which can detects movements with lightning speed and precision, and more sensitive and safer than traditional gravity sensing systems, keeping your cat safe. The sensor detect movements within 0.1 seconds, for highly responsive reaction time which start self cleaning and disposing of waste after cat exits litter box.



We covered the litter passage with soft rubber material which creates serene, effortless litter flow, tested and selected support structure points which were both sturdy and quiet, then implemented involute gears to aid in smoothing out it’s rotation efficiency. Most importantly, we co-designed new motor system specifically for Aimicat with one of the world's largest manufacturers, to ensure that it would purr as softly as your furry friends do!


That’s not all, either – Aimicat’s filtration system eliminates odors so that your home can be kept smelling and feeling fresh. Aimicat has the power to completely free up your hands and your time, so that you can thoroughly enjoy the company of your kitties.

Aimicat’s powerful negative air pressure deodorizing system keeps your cat’s throne thoroughly sterile! The circular negative air pressure system cleans the air internally, ensuring proper airflow and odor removal. Aimicat’s small integrated fan pushes unwanted smells toward the carbon filter to be evacuated from the container.



The size of the automatic cat litter box is 20.2*19.5*24.6inch, and entrance size is 12*9inch, large enough to allow your cat to enter the kitty litter box,plus a hollow circular design inside makes your big cats have plenty of room to scratch the litter while they do their business, trust us, your cats are very happy to have a private space to do their business.



Aimicat’s custom-designed litter filter gets rid of all the nasty bits, but never wastes unused litter. We went through over 70 iterations to find the perfect balance between conserving litter and discarding waste to make Aimicat an ultra-efficient, cost-saving automatic cat litter! 



Special designed Honeycomb-Like Hexagonal Hole litter filter compatible with multiple cat litters, we recommend using clumping clay (made of Bentonite), corn, or cat litter with good clumping properties. We do not recommend pine, recycled paper, and silica gel crystals. Aimicat's extreme litter efficiency saves you 4 times the amount of cat litter when using a traditional litter box, potentially reducing litter costs by upwards of $600 a year!


😺XL LARGE WASTE TRAY--Large capacity of waste tray means no scooping, cleaning or refilling cat's litter box for few weeks, and the frequency of changing rubbish bags will also be reduced. A must-have smart litter box for cat-owning families who want to have a carefree travel. Our kitty litter box come with a activated carbon filter which can absorbs unpleasant odor, its unique odor removal system will eliminate unpleasant smells in pet homes with cats, no more bad smell anymore.