Why aimicat better than other Litter Robot

First of all, we improve safety by inventing the infrared ranging sensor. Some experiments show that the Litter Robot can only possibly identify a cat over 2.3kg on a hard floor, and over 3.5kg on a soft substrate such as a carpet, so it is entirely possible that the cat may be caught by jumping in while spinning. For our design, anything that enters the chamber will be detected and protects your little friends.

Secondly, we save cat litters, which is achieved by a mass amount of experiments. We did several sets of trials to determine the shape, size, strategy, and speed of rotation. For example, we used a honeycomb-like hexagonal hole, and as far as we know, Litter Robot appears to have used a diamond-shaped hole.

Thirdly, less malodor. We should be the first smart cat litter box to introduce a negative pressure system. The system consists of an exhaust fan and a carbon filter. We were working with the manufacture, adjusting the parameters of the manufacturing process, and results in our exclusive carbon filter. (Not the plastic, but the carbon particles inside!)

Forth, silence. The pivot points of the spherical chamber are made of self-lubricating material to reduce noise. As we mentioned earlier, the motor is also a custom one designed for a long lifespan and low noise.

And... we are easy to clear, you can just lift the spherical chamber for cleaning without any extra steps. And... more.

I have a big cat. Will he/she fit in Aimicat?

The space inside the globe measures: 450 * 470 * 420mm. If your cat is 450mm or less from the neck to the butt, then your cat can use Aimicat.

My cat is really small. Is it safe for him/her to use Aimicat?

Yes, Aimicat employs infrared sensor recognition, so cat recognition is not restricted by weight. Aimicat is significantly safer than products which use pressure sensors, especially for kittens weighing less than 80 grams.

How much can the waste compartment hold?

According to our testing, Aimicat’s waste compartment can hold up to 7.2 kg of cat waste for 7 days.

It also depends on how well cat litter absorbs urine. If it absorbs less urine and less feces, the container can hold more waste. In general, the fecal volume of a cat is proportional to its weight. So, if a cat is 6.5-7.5 kg, it will produce 112ml of urine every day, about 0.78 liters of urine every week. In this case, Aimicat would hold about 0.9kg of cat litter each week.

How many cats could use Aimicat?

We recommend one to three cats for every Aimicat. We suggest you monitor your cats' behavior and evaluate if they are willing to share the smart litter box. 

How often do I need to dispose the waste?

Once per week is a good rule of thumb.

Do I need to use a special type of trash bag?

No need - Simply use a trash bag that is larger than the waste compartment.

What if my cat tries to enter while Aimicat is in self-cleaning mode?

The infrared sensors will detect your cat and the self-cleaning mode will stop. Aimicat will continue to self-clean after your cat exits Aimicat.  

What type of cat litter should I use?

We recommend using clumping clay (made of Bentonite), corn, tofu, or cat litter with good clumping properties. We do not recommend pine, recycled paper, and silica gel crystals. 

When my cat does his business, he tends to scratch the litter a lot.
 Is the soft silicone base strong enough or replaceable if needed?

Yes, we found some cats like scratching the rubber bowl in our tests, and we replaced it with harder and thicker material to prevent the cat from damaging it.

Regarding the Steps

As you have seen in the workshop tour, we made a variety of cat steps to make it easier for cats to get in and out. But when experimenting with cats, we found ourselves thinking more from a human perspective. The smallest cats that we have tested on is 6 weeks old(330g ), and according to our observations, the cat could use Aimicat without any problems.

In the meantime, we are working on the steps for cats with arthritis, so stay tuned.

The function of silicone container, and its scratch proof material.

Perhaps you wondered how it works or how is it possible. We would like to add that we design this according to the cat’s squatting angle in the globe structure. So even if your cat have watery or sticky stool that day, the stool shall stays in designated space of the silicone container. While the stool is wrap in cat litter, the silicone container has as Eleatic setting that turns accordingly to the direction of the moving globe. When the silicone container turns upwards, it vibrates and shakes under the combined forces of elasticity and gravity (A short video of the shaking of a silicone container would is more illustrative). And thus, removes or release the sticky stool from the silicone material.

After many design adjustments and alignments through numerous test, this design has proven to be an effective solution for sticky stool.

Durability of the material
Yes, we found some cats like scratching rubber mater

What is the input voltage, Does Aimicat can used in my country?

100 ~ 240v AC ,Different specifications shall be sent according to the detailed specifications of different countries, the information of your countries used should be collected and confirm with you after campaign.

How long can the carbon filter be used?

The carbon filter lasts for up to 90 days. We recommend replacing the carbon filter every 30-60 days for optimal filtration.

The Carbon filter is part of the integrated design of Aimicat. We highly recommend that you use our carbon filter for better and longer lasting smell removal. We will send you a carbon filter link after the crowdfunding ends. The cost of one filter is $12. 

Power Supply Source: no built-in battery, uses household electricity

Depending on your cat’s habits and usage, your cat may prefer Aimicat use in one or more locations. We recommend establishing one or several fixed locations with electricity sources to place Aimicat.

Will the wire break?

We designed Aimicat wires to be bite proof - so that even if it is bitten, there is voltage safety.

How do you know my shipping address and how many add-ons I pledged?

We will collect your add-ons and your address after the campaign closed in a post-campaign survey. Please don't worry.

What's the warranty

we have two years warranty on the motor, and all spare parts have a year's warranty. We will send you replacement parts or if it not easily fixable, a whole new unit. We do care a lot about our word of mouth since we will not stop at the Kickstarter, so you shouldn't worrying too much about this.