Video: Aimicat Installation and Usage

Video: Aimicat Installation and Usage

Please follow the instruction strictly to install and use the Aimicat litter box after you receive the package.

Reach us by email at if you have any questions. We will respond at our earliest convenience on the workdays.



  • We have 2 Aimicat boxes that work great but do you sell liner bags. We have been using store shopping bags that need to be stretched to fit but some bags are smaller and it is difficult to use them.

    Tom on

  • Loving the unit. Where can I find the app so I can pair it with my Bluetooth?

    Tina Smith on

  • I love the litter box it works fantastic thank you!! I would just recommend that the silicone base is more durable as my 8 month old kitten scratched and put several holes in it only after using it for 5 months.

    David Bradley on

  • I was wondering if I was able to buy another one I love my cat litter box and so does my cat

    Michael Cartisano on

  • Just put together my unit. I must say, those were the best directions I have every seen in a video. Very comprehensive & the pausing & demonstrating was excellent. Made it very easy to put everything together. Now to find an outlet close enough to where the cat will use the box. Thank you!

    Sheila Ryan on

  • Is it available for delivery to India as well?

    Kusha Pande on

  • Hello! I received my Aimicat in the mail 2 weeks ago. It has worked since I got it, however now it just seems to whir but not move. It looks like the light is just blinking? Can you help?

    Granger Kersten on

  • Hello
    Just had a question about type of litter that can be used, can senior/crystal be used or should we only use clumping?

    Ashley Allen on

  • I have very big cats, maine coon sized. Can they use it?
    I have a big sized clozed litter box now, but i had to remove the “door” as 1 of my cats are too big to sit in it if the door is on…

    Benita on

  • Hello I am very interested to acquire the Aimicat litter box unit…how can I acquire this product since the campaign is over?…plz reply asap…tkuuu

    Barbara V Fidler on

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