FAQ1 for Users

1. How to convert my cat from the original litter box to Aimicat?

Step1. Unplug the machine from power, put some used litter in the global case and set it aside the original box for about one week to let your cat explore the new box or even use it.

Step2. Plug the machine to power, let it set aside the original box for a few days.

Step3. Take away the original box when your cats starts to use it.

(The conversion can take 2-3 weeks for some old cats)


2. What if my cat does not use Aimicat litter box?

Cats don't use the dirty litter. Clean your Aimicat litter box if necessary.

Sometimes cats urine anywhere to mark their territory or in heat.


3. What if the Aimicat litter box smells terrible?

Polluted litter, dirty global case or dump tray, or the used-up carbon filter make the litter box smell badly. It's time to clean the litter box or change the carbon filter or the litter if neccessary.


4. How to change the cat litter in the global case?

Long press the button for 5s to start pouring mode, and it will pour out all the litter to the dump tray. You empty the tray and put new litter in the global case.


5. What if the Aimicat dumps too much good litter in dumping rotations?

Make sure the unit is installed correctly and functions well. And use the right clumping litter with an appropriate amount. The excess and improper litter will lead to waste.


6. What if it stops working, the button light flashes, and it doesn't respond clicking the button?

The rear sensor wrongly triggered the safety mode as if it detects something in the dome. Please clean the rear sensor by wiping off the dust on it.


Reach our support team at support@aimicat.com if you any other questions.


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